Rule 1: No Rules

Alex Demetriou & Simone Shemshedini

Alex & Simone are making a new game, just in its begining stages as a unconstructed constructed way of making art. With a series of categories to choose from, the main rule was no rules. Once you spun, you made up the rules for that category.

Simone graciously provided cheese ritz sandwiches to complete the 2003 aesthetic.

To start each activity in the game, we all wrote words on the slips of paper.

Alex, the mastermind behind the operation

To start the game, the first person spins the bottle to land on a category. Each category is something related to creating...Art, Drum Beats, Dance, Music, Film, Improv Rant, Freewrite, Drum Beat, or Wild Carld. Each category can only be chosen once per game.

Simone spun Music and drew the word "angry mushroom" and "paper" so she decided we all would write a line to the tune of a song. Emma proposed to sign it to the tune of Yankee Doodle. The paper was passed around with lines added and Simone sung the song at the end.

I (Marisa) spun Art and decided to be blindfolded while everyone else directed me to draw a word drawn. Other categories drawn were Yelling Game where Alex and Annie had to nonsensically argue about "big scary hippos" for a minute, and Dance where Alex performed a modern interpretive dance on "seisures" (Yes...an unfortunate pairing but a very tasteful dance on Alex's part)

Rebecca got Freewrite and decided we would all write for a minute before passing it off to the person on our right. We would repeat this process 5 times in total leading to 8 stories with 5 contributors to each. She drew "hippie white people" as our topic.

We rotated one more person and then read them aloud.

We all loved this game. The stories were so funny.


Drum Beats was id-fueled music creation with beating, humming, piano and tamborine.

Tegwyn got Sculpture and the words "box", "the Rock", and "Simone's dark side". She utilized objects, Alex, and Simone to create a living sculpture.

The last game was Film which we decided to utlize my camera create a movie. The words were "crane", "psychadellic map", "gangsters" and "carrot cake." Everyone helped to create props, act as stage hands or be the actors.

After we talked about what worked and what didn't. Ultimately the game needed to revolve around inclusion and the group, ensuring everyone played some kind of role, even if it was a small one.