An in-depth look at my rock collection and assorted items found on my travels.


Stones from my collection explained


Finds throughout my travels

Scotland Ceramics

I found many stones smoothed by the ocean shore on the Isle of Butte in Scotland along with beautiful colored ocean glass. The biggest surprise was shards of pottery I found amoungst the stones and glass with a wide range of patterns. One even has a little crown. My pockets were so heavy by the end of the hike!

Lake Superior Stones

The stones from Michigan's Upper Peninsula were some of the smoothest I had ever seen. I collected a variety of smooth black basalt stones as well as a red and green striped gneiss. The red coloring is from high deposits of iron and the green is from copper deposits.

Texas Sandstone

I collected a variety of sandstone, red, purple, and yellow, while in a southern Texas canyon.

South Carolina Sand Dollars

While in Hilton Head, South Carolina I found a variety of different stones, shells, and plant life. The most interesting find was a whole sanddollar washed up on the beach.


Rock collector extrodinare

I’ve been coming home with pockets full of rocks since I was little, much to my mother’s dismay. Having travelled and camped at a variety of places throughout my life, rocks provide a point in time and space, surving as a small memory. Rich in visual and tactile experiences, stones have connection to history and association to place.

Special thanks to Chris Withers, my stone guru, for always sharing his knowledge and collection with me!