Kira Appelman & Simone Shemshedini

"Burn Before Reading" is a compliation of comics made a graphic novel class taught by comic book artist and author of "Diary of a Teenage Girl", Phoebe Glockner. Kira Appelman and Simone Shemshedini each wrote and drew two comic narratives in the published book. Kira's work explores spirituality and a search for catharsis through comedy. Simone's comic "Keeper of the Rain Garden" is a comedic approach to talking about ecological issues, while "Eye Swap" digs into the importance of persepective and empathy.

Funk. by Kira Appelman

Keeper of the Rain Garden by Simone Shemshedini

Eye Swap by Simone Shemshedini

God's World by Kira Appelman

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